British Columbia Hunters - Use Caution in Fire Area

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Hunters are urged to use extreme caution when hunting south of Highway 16 to Ootsa Lake as fire crews are still in the area managing the West Nadina and Binta Lake wildfire complexes.

Specific sites of concern are:

  • South along Highway 16 and east from Walcott to Houston, Burns Lake and Fraser Lake.
  • All areas west of the Holy Cross Forest Service Road to Knewtubb Lake.
  • All areas north of Nathlkuz Lake, Ootsa Lake and west to Tatsa Lake.
  • All areas east of the Kemano River, Atna Peak, Dogs Ear Peak and Eagle Peak.

The West Nadina and Binta Lake wildfires are now 50 and 90 per cent contained but  crews and equipment will be on site for most of September to patrol containment lines and extinguish hot spots. Smoke from these fires could hamper visibility.

Some Skeena region hunting seasons began Sept. 1 2010, and will run until the end of November.

To report a wildfire or unattended campfire please call *5555 on your cellphone, or toll-free to 1 800 663-5555. For more information on open fire prohibitions, area restrictions or for updates on current wildfire activity, visit


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Man, I hate to hear about

Man, I hate to hear about fires being caused by hunters or campers. They are 100% avoidable by simply preparing the fire area properly before lighting the fire, and never leaving a fire unattended.

All grass, leaves, sticks and other debris should be removed for a circle of at least 6 feet. If possible, a shallow depression or hole should be dug into which the fire is placed. A circle of stones around the fire hole will also help to keep embers from being blown out by stray winds. Caution should be used that the stones are not taken from water, since they can explode when steam builds up inside them.

Before retiring at night or leaving the campsite at any time, the fire should be put completely out by putting dirt or water on top of it. There should be no glowing embers left behind.

As Smokey the Bear says, "Remember - Only YOU can prevent forest fires!"