British Columbia Hunting News

Moose Hunters Fined
Three British Columbia resident hunters have been fined a total of $7,500 after convictions related to illegal possession of moose and providing false information to provincial conservation officers.
Hunting Regulations Set
The province's 2002-2003 hunting and trapping regulations, published in the British Columbia Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis, are now available. Most provincewide regulations remain unchanged. Regional hunting regulations change each year to address conservation and safety concerns, and to allow more hunting where wildlife populations have grown.
2002/2003 Limited Entry Hunting Regulations
A synopsis of this year's limited entry hunting regulations is now available on the Internet at, as well as government agents' offices and stores where hunting licences are sold, the Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection announced today. Limited entry hunting seasons change to address conservation concerns, or to increase hunting opportunities where conservation interests allow. Last year there were 150,862 applications for 21,652 authorizations to hunt 10 game species.
British Columbia Illegal Wildlife Activity Sentences
Two Burns Lake men have been sentenced after one pleaded guilty to illegal guiding, and the other to trafficking in wildlife meat. The first man pleaded guilty to one count of guiding for big game without a license and to discharging a firearm from a motorboat. Both cases were opened in 1998 and investigation was concluded in 1999.