Bobcat Harvest Results Down

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The 2003-2004 harvest of bobcats in North Dakota was estimated at 69 animals, according to Jacquie Ermer, furbearer biologist for the State Game and Fish Department.

Most bobcats were taken by trapping (42 percent), followed by shooting (29 percent), snaring (25 percent) and other (3 percent). The sex ratio was relatively equal with 34 males and 33 females, and two unknown. Distribution of harvest was similar to previous years, as most bobcats were harvested in Billings (23 percent) and Slope (17 percent) counties.

During the 2002-03 season 77 bobcats were taken, plus one roadkill in a closed unit. Recent harvest figures have ranged from a low of nine animals in 1990 to a high of 82 in 2001. Bobcat pelt prices remain high and should remain so for the upcoming season, Ermer said, with the average pelt price in 2003 at $257.

Bobcat hunting and trapping was open Nov. 8, 2003 - March 14, 2004, and bobcat snaring was open Nov. 22, 2003 - March 14, 2004. Bobcat season is only open south and west of the Missouri River.

Harvest statistics are based on pelt tags and submitted carcasses, Ermer said.