Black's Creek Reservoir in Idaho Drained by Vandals

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Black's Creek Reservoir, located just southeast of Boise, is now little more than a series of shallow puddles thanks to the thoughtless acts of vandals.

In a normal water year - and with the end of irrigation season - the valve controlling water flow through Black's Creek Dam is closed, allowing the reservoir to refill and maintain a modest pool of water through the winter months. This allows for the survival of bass, bluegill, crappie and yellow perch populations, all of which are pursued by anglers in the summer and winter months.

Sometime this summer, the mechanism used to regulate water flow through the dam was damaged by vandals; the damage was not discovered until workers from Pleasant Valley Irrigation Company went to close the outlet this fall. Jammed in the open position, the outlet continued to allow water to flow from Black's Creek Reservoir, quickly draining the water body.

Unfortunately, Fish and Game staff was not notified of the situation until later.

"By the time we became aware of the vandalism and the needed repairs, Black's Creek's fish population was lost," Fish and Game fisheries biologist Art Butts said. "The fishery will not be back on its feet for years now, as a result of this thoughtless act of vandalism by one or more individuals."

The irrigation company hopes to have the needed repairs completed by the end of November, at which time Black's Creek Reservoir will slowly start to refill. If conditions allow, Fish and Game hopes to restock the reservoir next spring.


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  Definitely no more fishing


Definitely no more fishing is this reservoir for the next year or so - thanks to some vandal(s).  More than likely some kids with nothing better to do.  In looking at the map of this reservoir it appears to be about 2000 feet wide by approximately 3000 feet long - so not a small reservoir for sure.  I think from now on once the reservoir is re-filled there will be a new process for checking the pipe as well as a locking mechanism or fencing or both around it.  Too bad that it has to come to that as this has only spoiled the family and father/son or daughter outings that would normally have happened this next spring and summer.  Hopefully they catch the vandal(s) and restitution is made in some form of public outdoor work.


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If this was done on purpose

If this was done on purpose as it seems obvious it was it would be great to catch the person responsible. It could have just been kids beiong stupid without thinking of the results of what they were doing. I'm thinking this must have been a pretty small reservoir to not be noticed until it was empty. Any of them around here would be reported very quickly when the water started to drop. Or if it was flowing out that fast there would be damaged caused by all the water coming down the ditches. Hopefully they can get this fixed and restored into a fishery again before too many years go by.

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Man, that sucks for the guys

Man, that sucks for the guys who like to fish that area.  I can't imagine who would do that, or what the alterior motive would be.  If it was broken somehow, I could see it being "vandals", but they way it was described, to be "jammed open", makes me think it is more than that, possible someone wanted it drained for some other reason.

Hopefully they will get the fish going again in there, even if does take a coupld of years.