Black Bear Hunting News

Early Black Bear Hunting Season
Licensed hunters brought 98 black bears to MassWildlife check stations during the early season which ran from September 4 through September 22. Seventy-six bears were tagged during the same season last year. The largest bear reported weighed 345 pounds field dressed and was taken in Westfield. MassWildlife?s Western District office in Pittsfield checked 50 bears, the Connecticut Valley District in Belchertown checked 18, Bitzer Trout Hatchery in Montague checked 29 and the Central District office checked one. The season was open in Berkshire, Franklin, Hampshire, Hampden and Worcester counties.
Black Bear Hunters Must Keep Meat
Montana regulations prohibit hunters from allowing the meat from bears they harvest to become unfit for human consumption. Like the meat from elk, deer and most other big game animals, bear meat cannot be wasted, thrown away or left in the field. A hunter is also prohibited from abandoning in the field the head or hide of a harvested black bear.
Tickets For Trash
The Colorado Wildlife Commission (CWC) has approved an emergency regulation that allows fining/ticketing homeowners and businesses that continually leave trash accessible to bears. This does not directly affect hunters in Colorado, but could affect businesses in Colorado bear country, such as guides and outfitters. According to the CWC the regulation is intended to go after individuals who repeatedly 'bait' bears with trash or bird seed.
Mountain Lions/Bears Invade
According to DNR wildlife biologists, the reports of black bears, bobcats, wolves and even mountain lions, have increased dramatically during the past several years. Although reminiscent of the 1800s pioneer era, the sightings of such fearsome predators in Iowa is not an aberration, but merely reflects what is already occurring in bordering states.
Surplus Black Bear Licenses Available
Beginning at noon on Aug. 6, bear hunter applicants who did not receive authorization to purchase a 2001 bear license for a specific permit area can purchase a surplus bear license in four under-subscribed permit areas. These extra or surplus licenses are available on a first-come, first-served basis at any of the 1,700 statewide Electronic Licensing System point-of-sale vendors or the Department of Natural Resource (DNR) License Center at 500 Lafayette Road in St. Paul.
Black Bear Population Study
A new scientific survey of Maryland's black bear population from Cumberland to the western border of the state has resulted in a population estimate of 227 bears. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) biologists estimate the population east of Cumberland to be about 100 bears.
DNA Evidence Used in Illegal Bear Killing Case
Pennsylvania Game Commission Wildlife Conservation Officials successfully prosecuted a man who illegally harvested a denned sow during the first day of the 2000 bear hunting season. The hunter claimed the bear had been collected legally; however eye witness reports and DNA evidence proved otherwise.
Report Black Bear Sightings
In March, four female Louisiana black bears and their cubs were relocated through a joint venture between the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF), the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), Louisiana State University and, the Black Bear Conservation Committee (BBCC). The bears were relocated to the LDWF Red River Wildlife Management Area (WMA).