Black Bear Hunting News

Bear Identification Test Required To Hunt Black Bear
Black bear hunters in Montana are now required to successfully complete a bear identification test in order to obtain a Montana black bear hunting license. The new identification program is intended to prevent mistaken killings of grizzly bears and to help Montana maintain its black bear hunting season. The new mandatory bear identification program will help hunters learn to identify whether a bear is a black bear or a grizzly bear and then test their identification skills with a 15 question multiple choice test.
Preliminary Black Bear Harvest Results
The Game Commission announced that hunters came up slightly short in their efforts to establish a new state record bear harvest in the recently concluded three day bear season. "Our preliminary bear harvest figures show hunters took 3,060 bears in the three day season held last week," said Game Commission Executive Director. "It marks only the second time bear hunters have harvested 3,000 or more bears in a three day season and both harvests occurred in the past two seasons."
Hunters Ready For Bear Season
August 27 marks the beginning of bear hunting season in Maine, and several factors, including this summer's dry weather, could make 2001 a very successful season for bear hunters in Maine.
Experimental Black Bear Hunt
Adding an extra week to Utah's experimental spring bear hunting season was among actions the Utah Wildlife Board took at its meeting Dec. 18 in Salt Lake City.
Bear Season Closes Early
The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) closed the bear season on December 11th, because 1,500 bears had been harvested. Under state regulations, the DFG may close bear hunting when 1,500 bear tags have been filled. Last year the season was closed on November 30th. The season can run as long as December 30th to fill the 1,500 harvest.
Bear Season Total Reaches 489
The number of black bears taken by Vermont hunters reached a total of 489 as of December 5. "This is Vermont's third bear harvest in a row over 400," said wildlife biologist Scott Darling, who chairs the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department's bear team. "Prior to these last three years, the only time the bear kill went over 400 was in 1966."
Bear Gun Season Opens December 3
The states bear population remains high and a good harvest is expected; however, the harvest may not reach the record gun harvest of last season. A large number of bears are carrying radio collars, radio implants, ear tags, and lip tattoos for DNR studies. Hunters are asked to return monitoring equipment if they harvest a bear carrying the equipment.
Caution in Bear and Lion Country
The recent death of an elk hunter in western Montana has made all hunters more aware of the tragic consequences of unexpected encounters with grizzly bears and other predatory animals in the wild. The Wildlife, Fish and Parks (FWP) has a number of tips and suggestions to help you avoid contact with bears, lions, and wolves. Some of the suggestions are try to make more noise while hunting, don't hunt alone, and pay attention to signs of predators, such as tracks and scat.
Black Bear Scratches Elk Hunter
An elk hunter camping on the Valle Vidal Unit of the Carson National Forest was scratched by a black bear in the early morning hours of Nov. 3. The hunter's nose required several stitches when he was treated at Holy Cross Hospital in Taos.
Learn About Bears Workshops
School teachers, scout leaders and anyone who teaches young people are invited to attend one of four Bear Educator's Workshops offered by the Division of Wildlife Resources in the Salt Lake Valley.