Black Bear Hunting News

Camp Blanding Bear Cubs Examined by Florida WC Biologists

Their official names are “160” and “161.” But the words used most frequently to describe them were “too cute.”

They are two 6-pound, male black bear cubs born about eight weeks ago. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) biologists examined the cubs Sunday at the Camp Blanding Joint Training Center in Clay County.

Colorado's Big Game Application Deadline Draws Near

With the April 3 big-game application deadline drawing near, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding hunters that the agency offers a wealth of information and planning resources to assist them in making their license application selections.

From CPW's website resources and secure license application portal to video tutorials and hunt planners manning the agency's call center, hunters have at their fingertips all the resources they need to plan their hunt, said CPW director Rick Cables.

Oregon's Draft Black Bear Management Plan Available for Public Review

An updated plan to manage Oregon’s 25,000-30,000 estimated black bears is available for review online.

Michigan DNR Hosts Informational Meeting on Bear License Quotas March 31 in Marquette

The Department of Natural Resources will host an informational meeting to discuss proposed changes to bear hunting license quotas on Saturday, March 31 from 10 a.m. to noon in Marquette. The meeting will take place in the Brule Room at Northern Michigan University, located at 2101 University Center, Marquette.

Three proposals are currently before the Natural Resources Commission that would determine how many bear licenses will be available to hunters in 2012.

Idaho F&G Commission Sets 2012 Big Game Seasons

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission during a meeting Thursday, March 22, set big game seasons for 2012.

The commissioners adopted Fish and Game staff recommendations for this fall's deer, elk, pronghorn, black bear, gray wolf and mountain lion hunts, and added a few changes of their own.

Warm Weather Wakes Colorado Bears

Warm weather is bringing some of Colorado's black bears out of hibernation early and Colorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding residents to be "bear aware" to protect bears and people. With temperatures rising into the 70s already across much of Colorado, bears are beginning to emerge from dens and sightings have already been reported in Colorado Springs, Aspen, Durango and Summit County.

Board Votes to Increase Vermont’s Black Bear Hunting Opportunities

Board Votes to Increase Vermont’s black bear Hunting Opportunities
Early season bear tag also part of proposed changes to bear hunting

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board on Wednesday gave preliminary approval to a proposal designed to stabilize the growth in Vermont’s bear population, expand hunter opportunity, and provide Fish & Wildlife Department biologists with important data to better manage black bears in Vermont.

New York DEC Issues Guidance to Discourage Black Bear Encounters

With the onset of warmer weather, New York's black bear population will be on the move. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today issued guidance on how to prevent nuisance bear encounters.

Black bears will take advantage of almost any readily available food source, including bird feeders and garbage. To prevent encounters between bears and humans, people should never intentionally feed bears and should take every precaution to discourage bears from seeking out food sources in neighborhoods and other residential areas.

Pennsylvania Game Commission Finds Adoptive Dens for Three Orphaned Cubs

After finding three black bear cubs stranded along a road near Troy, Bradford County earlier this week, Pennsylvania Game Commission officials today successfully completed a four-day race of locating and placing the two female cubs and one male cub in adoptive dens in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' Bear Specialists Report

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks bear management specialists meet every year in mid-March to prepare for "bear season." About that same time, male grizzly bears are stirring, soon to emerge from their dens.

This natural cycle affects Montanans too—it is why April 1 is the target date for bringing in winter bird feeders and seed, cleaning yards and collecting and disposing of bear attractants that have accumulated over the winter.