Biologists Confirm Over 100 Bobcat Sightings in Ohio During 2010

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Increased evidence of bobcats living in Ohio’s southeastern counties continues with the confirmation of 106 sightings by state wildlife officials during 2010, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Division of Wildlife. The reports show an increase from the 92 verified sightings in 2009.

The bobcat is listed as an endangered species in Ohio and protected by state law.

The bobcat was found throughout Ohio during early settlement, but as land was converted for crops and communities the bobcat's population declined. By 1850, the animal could no longer be found living in the state. A handful of unverified sightings in the 1960s marked the bobcat's unofficial return to Ohio. Since 1970, state wildlife biologists have verified 464 bobcat sightings in 33 counties.

Verification of the elusive bobcat includes photographs of the animal and its tracks; encounters through incidental trapping, from which animals are later released; recovery of road kill and sightings by Division of Wildlife personnel. The majority of the 2010 verified reports occurred in Noble County and the immediate surrounding counties.

In an effort to further clarify estimated populations, ongoing Division of Wildlife research is currently utilizing scent stations and remote cameras for observation in several locations throughout southeast Ohio.

These efforts have been supported by the Wildlife Diversity and Endangered Species Fund, which receives donations from Ohioans through the state income tax check-off program and by the purchase of cardinal license plates. Individuals wanting to donate can also make an online contribution at

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources ensures a balance between wise use and protection of our natural resources for the benefit of all. Visit the ODNR Web site at


hunter25's picture

It's good to see this many

It's good to see this many verified sightings because if that many are documented I guarantee you there are many times more that have not been seen. I have only seen two my whole life myself along with 2 mountain lions and these are animals that are hunted regularly with a healthy population. Hopefully they don't let them get out of control before taking them off the protected list.

Good job to Ohio though for helping to get them re established.

numbnutz's picture

Its good there expanding back

Its good there expanding back into there historic ranges but management is key. The dnr need to really start looking into how to manage the little kittys before they spread to much and population explode.