Biologists are Monitoring Deer and Elk for CWD

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Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists are canvassing popular hunting areas in southwest Oregon to talk to hunters about Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) and collect small samples of brain tissue from harvested deer and elk.

The agency is sampling as many deer and elk heads as possible statewide to test for CWD, a fatal neurological disease in deer and elk. CWD is not currently found in Oregon, but now affects deer and elk in 12 states and two Canadian provinces.

Hunters in southern Oregon are asked to drop their deer and elk heads off at the nearest ODFW office for CWD sampling. Deer and elk heads must be dropped off within 48 hours of death and preferably within 24 hours. Biologists will collect a small sample of brain tissue from the back of the animal’s head and a front tooth. Taxidermy mounts will not be affected. Fawn and calf heads will not be tested.

Deer and elk heads can be placed in specially marked collection barrels outside ODFW offices in Roseburg, Gold Beach, Charleston and Central Point. Hunters can place the animal heads inside collection bags with an attached tag to record the date and time of harvest, harvest location, and the hunter’s name, address and telephone number.

Collection barrel locations are:

Roseburg – 4192, N. Umpqua Highway

Gold Beach – 742 Airport Way

Charleston – 63538 Boat Basin Drive

Central Point – 1495 E. Gregory Road