Bighorn Sheep Lottery

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Resident big game hunters may apply for Nebraskas 2004 bighorn sheep lottery permit now through Aug. 13. The drawing for this years permit will be held at the Game and Parks Commissions August meeting in Lincoln.

The 2004 bighorn hunting season will be Nov. 27 - Dec. 19.

Steve Furley of Norfolk, was the winner of Nebraskas 2003 bighorn sheep lottery permit, and he harvested a large, full-curl bighorn ram in the Smiley Canyon area of Fort Robinson State Park in late November. His ram was the ninth bighorn ram taken since Nebraskas modern-day bighorn seasons began in 1998.

Nebraska residents, who must be at least 12 years of age by the date the season opens, may submit one application per calendar year for the lottery sheep permit. Applications must be received in the Commissions Lincoln office by 5 p.m., Aug. 13. All applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable lottery fee of $20. Online applications may be submitted at the Commissions popular website at and must be submitted prior to midnight, Aug. 13.

Nebraskas bighorn sheep permit holders are provided horses, lodging and meals at Fort Robinson State Park during the hunt and they are guided by Game and Parks Commission biologists. The permit winner may use a rifle, .26 caliber or larger; a muzzleloader, .50 caliber or larger; or a conventional longbow or compound bow with a draw-weight of 50 pounds or more at or before 28-inch draw, during the hunt. The bighorn sheep hunt is a life- time achievement for nearly all big game hunters.