Bighorn Sheep Hunting News

British Columbia Hunt Codes For Bear and Skeena Sheep Incorrect - Check Applications

IMPORTANT NOTICE for those who have used the Hunt Codes supplied on the 2011 Spring Grizzly Bear and Skeena Mountain Sheep final numbers.

Colorado DOW Transplants Bighorn Sheep on Western Slope

In an effort to improve long-term survival of desert bighorn sheep in western Colorado, the Colorado Division of Wildlife has moved 15 of the majestic animals into prime bighorn habitat in the Middle Dolores River canyon.

Twenty years ago, the Division established a new population of desert bighorn in the Upper Dolores Canyon area in San Miguel County with a group of 50 sheep obtained from Nevada. Over time, the herd has grown to number about 150 animals.

20 Oregon Bighorn Sheep Transplanted to Wyoming

After an all night drive from the John Day River Area in northern Oregon, another 20 bighorn sheep have been relocated some 900 miles from their original home to Wyoming's Seminoe Mountains.

According to WGFD bighorn sheep coordinator Kevin Hurley, the new transplant will supplement 20 Oregon sheep released Dec. 2, 2009, in the Seminoes along with 12 bighorns from the Devil's Canyon area above Lovell released Jan. 3, 2010. Hurley said the sheep released last year are doing well and at least a dozen lambs were documented this spring from last winter's transplant.

Colorado DOW Seeking Info on Bighorn Sheep Poaching

The Colorado Division of Wildlife is seeking information on the poaching of a bighorn sheep in the Poudre Canyon before Thanksgiving.

"Visitors to the Poudre Canyon value and enjoy seeing the sheep here," said Chad Morgan, Poudre Canyon District Wildlife Officer."It is a shame that someone would poach in an area like this, as we are trying very hard to rebuild the herd and ensure their health in the canyon."

Morgan asked that anyone who may have information about the case to call Operation Game Thief.

US Court of Appeals Questions Necessity of Water as Conservation Tool in Arizona

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit announced that, while conservation of desert bighorn sheep is a purpose of the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge and Wilderness, the existing record is not sufficient to demonstrate that the 2007 installation of the Yaqui and McPherson wildlife waters was necessary to reverse the historic decline in the Kofa desert bighorn sheep herd.

Montana Seeking Public Comment on Several Items

The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission is seeking public comment on several recent proposals.

Texas Moves Bighorn Sheep into Big Bend Ranch State Park

Forty-six desert bighorn sheep bolted out of transport trailers and up into the Bofecillos Mountains along the Rio Grande this week. The 12 rams and 34 ewes were captured by helicopter at Elephant Mountain Wildlife Management Area and moved to Big Bend Ranch State Park on Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 21-22.

Oregon Releases Bighorn Sheep at Two Locations

ODFW released California bighorn sheep at two new locations this month, Cottonwood Canyon State Park and near the John Day Fossil Beds.

Cottonwood Canyon is a new state park in the John Day River Canyon scheduled to open in 2013. While there are a few bighorn sheep in the park’s southern edge, this month’s operation was the first time sheep have been released at the park.

Wyoming 2011 NonResident Application Booklets Available Now

More than 13,000 nonresident big game application booklets for the 2011 hunting seasons are being mailed out this week to hunters who applied through the mail for the 2010 hunting seasons.

Utah's 2011 Sportsman Permit Apps Available Nov. 1st

Applications for next year's most prized Utah hunting permits — 2011 sportsman permits — will be available by Nov. 1.

Only Utah residents may apply for sportsman permits. One sportsman permit is offered for each of the following species: Desert bighorn ram, Rocky Mountain bighorn ram, buck deer, buck pronghorn, bull elk, bull moose, hunter's choice bison, hunter's choice Rocky Mountain goat, black bear, cougar and wild turkey.