Bighorn Sheep Hunting News

Desert Bighorns on the Rise
The Texas Park and Wildlife has posted an article detailing the recovery efforts of the Desert Bighorns of remote western Texas. The article notes that today's population of bighorns has recovered to the levels of 1905 after the last native animals were seen in the 1960's. The populations were recovered after reintroduction efforts from Mexico and other U.S. states between 1971 and 1997. Want to see a Desert Bighorn? Check out The Texas Bighorn Society web site.
Desert Bighorn Sheep Festival
On Nov. 16 and 17, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources will celebrate the desert bighorn sheep in Utah with a free weekend event in Moab. The timing of the event coincides with the peak of the bighorn sheep rutting season. This is an exciting time when bighorn rams battle for breeding rights.
Bighorn Returns to Greenhorn Mountains?
The Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Commission (FWPC) is seeking comments from the public on reintroducing bighorn sheep to the Greenhorn Mountains. Bighorns once roamed the Greenhorn Mountains; however now only occupy the Madison Range which is roughly 30 miles away. The FWPC believes there is enough range in the Greenhorns to reintroduce the bighorn and is seeking your comments until November 30th.
Bighorn Herds Expanding
Bighorn sheep herds in the Pine Ridge and Wildcat Hills in the Nebraska Panhandle have added to their numbers with the birth of lambs this spring and early summer, according to Gary Schlichtemeier, district wildlife manager at the Game and Parks Commission's district office in Alliance.
Bighorn Applications
Resident hunters who have always dreamed of taking a trophy bighorn sheep may apply for a Nebraska's 2001 bighorn sheep hunting permit through Aug. 20. Only one bighorn sheep hunting permit will be allowed this year. The winner will be determined by a drawing held at the August 2001 Nebraska Game and Parks Commission meeting at Commission headquarters in Lincoln. The winner need not be present, he or she will be notified by certified mail.
Bighorn Sheep Auction License Brings $39,000
Lee Anderson of Minneapolis, Minnesota paid $39,000 for North Dakota's bighorn sheep auction license at the March 17 Minnesota-Wisconsin Chapter of the Foundation for North American Wild Sheep annual meeting in Minneapolis. In comparison, last year's license sold for $20,000.