Bighorn Sheep Hunting News

Pneumonia Confirmed in Cinnabar Mountain Montana Bighorn Sheep

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks confirms the discovery of pneumonia in the Cinnabar Mountain bighorn sheep herd near Corwin Springs earlier this week.
A report was made to FWP Monday about sheep coughing at Cinnabar Mountain. An FWP field biologist responded by observing the herd and evaluating the likelihood of the presence of pneumonia. Following the observation, two lambs were lethally removed on site and brought to the state wildlife lab in Bozeman for examination. Evidence of pneumonia was present in lungs of both lambs.

Idaho Agencies to Radio-collar Bighorn Sheep in Hells Canyon

The Idaho, Oregon and Washington fish and wildlife agencies plan to capture 28 bighorn sheep in four Hells Canyon herds November 28 - 30 as part of the ongoing Hells Canyon Initiative to restore bighorn sheep populations.

The sheep will be captured by netgunning from a helicopter and brought to a processing site near the capture location. Biologists will take health samples, radio-collar the sheep and release them on site.

See Bighorn Sheep, Dec. 3 in Utah

Early December is the perfect time to see Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. That's why Dec. 3, 2011 is the day Division of Wildlife Resources staff have chosen to hold this year's Bighorn Sheep Watch.

Motorists Encouraged to Watch for Bighorn Sheep in the Black Hills, South Dakota

It's rare to see impressive big-game animals exhibiting annual rights-of-passage and aggressive instincts, but motorists near Cleghorn Springs Fish Hatchery and in the Hill City area are being asked to slow down for sparring bighorn sheep.

Montana FWP Seeks Comment On Bighorn Sheep Transplant Environmental Assessment

The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission is seeking comment on a draft environmental assessment of a proposal to transplant bighorn sheep into three areas in southwestern Montana.

Idaho Fish and Game Kills Bighorn Ram

Idaho Department of Fish and Game biologists Wednesday, November 9, killed a 4 1/2 year old bighorn ram that had wandered too close to domestic sheep on private property.

Healthy domestic sheep can carry bacteria that cause pneumonia and death in bighorn sheep.

The ram was first reported west of Castleford on November 8. When it was reported again on November 9, the ram was mingling with cattle in the pens of a dairy located within a few miles of several domestic sheep bands.

Big Time Texas Hunts Winners Announced

When an unknown number shows up on the caller ID, Weatherford Downtown Café owner Britton Schweitzer just lets it go to voicemail.

“It’s usually people trying to sell me stuff, not Texas Parks and Wildlife calling because I won an amazing hunt,” Schweitzer said.

Schweitzer and 13 other lucky sportsmen are clearing their calendars for some of the best hunting packages in the Lone Star State won through Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Big Time Texas Hunts program.

Update On Montana's Hunting Seasons

Montana’s general big game hunting seasons are open through Sunday, Nov. 27. All hunting for black bear, moose, mountain goat, bighorn sheep and fall mountain lion also ends Nov. 27, while the general antelope hunting season will end Nov. 13.

Desert Bighorn Sheep Delisting on New Mexico Game Commission Agenda

The New Mexico Game Commission will consider removing desert bighorn sheep from the list of state threatened and endangered species at its meeting Thursday in Farmington.

Desert bighorn sheep were listed as a state endangered species in 1980 when the population was estimated at fewer than 70. Today, through numerous releases, selective predator control and support from numerous wildlife conservation groups, the population estimate is 645, far exceeding the delisting criteria under the state Wildlife Conservation Act.

Utah Residents Apply for a 2012 Sportsman Permit

Applications for Utah's most prized hunting permits accepted soon.

You can apply for next year's most prized Utah big game hunting permits—2012 sportsman permits—starting Nov. 1.