Bighorn Sheep Hunting News

North America's Hottest Trophy Areas
Which areas of North America have produced the most Boone and Crockett trophies so far in the new millennium?
Webcast About Arizona's Kofa Sheep And Mtn Lions
The Arizona Game and Fish Department invites the public to a free educational presentation on Wednesday, September 23 to learn about the natural history, management efforts, and biological and social issues related to mountain lions and bighorn sheep in Arizona.
Arizona Lion Killed for Preying on Kofa Sheep
The Arizona Game and Fish Department on Tuesday afternoon lethally removed a mountain lion known to be preying heavily on bighorn sheep in the Kofa Mountains Complex Predation Management Area in southwestern Arizona.
Concern Over Arizona's Kofa Sheep Herd Elevated
Biologists recently presented the Arizona Game and Fish Commission with compelling data indicating that recovering the critically important Kofa desert bighorn sheep herd from near record-low population levels will be challenging due to additive mountain lion predation.
Nevada Man Wins Idaho Bighorn Sheep Tag
Jim Ancho of Battle Mountain, Nevada, won the bighorn sheep tag in a drawing by the Idaho Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation.
Oregon Fish and Game Adopts 2009 Big Game Regs
The Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted fall 2009 limited-entry big game tags and concepts for 2010 big game regulations.
Arizona Bighorn Sheep Deadline June 22
The deadline for the draw to participate in the Arizona Game and Fish Department's popular Bighorn Sheep Workshops is quickly approaching.
Slight Increase in Nevada's Big Game Tags
The Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners approved the allocation of 22,500 big game tags at its May 15-16 meeting in Reno, a one percent increase over 2008 tag allocations.
California Big Game Hunters Drawing Deadline is Near
Hunters applying for premium deer, elk, antelope or bighorn sheep tags have only a few weeks left to turn in an application.
Arizona Fall Hunt Apps Due June 9th
It may be 100 degrees outside, but fall is right around the corner - the fall hunting application deadline, that is.