Big Piney and Chimney Butte Hunts

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Elk hunters with limited quota licenses in hunt areas 94 and 98 are eligible to sign up for the Big Piney or Chimney Butte hunter management areas and extend their hunting season for antlerless elk to Jan. 31.

Hunters can sign up in person at the Game and Fish Department's Pinedale office Nov. 12, 8 a.m. - noon.

Hunters with area 94 type 1 or 6 elk licenses are eligible for the Big Piney HMA. The permit allows individuals to hunt a specific off-forest area of area 94 and 92 Nov. 15 - Jan. 31. Unlike last year, the HMA is only open to area 94 limited quota license holders.

Area 98 type 1,2 and 6 license holders can sign up for the Chimney Butte HMA southeast of Pinedale. The permit allows individuals to hunt an off-forest portion of area 98 Nov. 19 - Jan. 31.

The G&F will issue permits to the first 100 eligible license holders for each HMA.

One reason why ranches participate in the program is to save time by letting the G&F answer the hunting inquiries. So the G&F urges hunters not to call the ranches, but to contact the G&F office with questions.

As part of the G&F's Private Land/Public Wildlife program, this is the fourth year of hunter management agreements. Hunters are reminded their contributions to the AccessYes check off on licenses and applications help fund Wyoming hunting and fishing access initiatives, including hunter management areas and the Walk-in Area program.