Big Game Tags Available in Second Draw

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Hunters who did not draw a big game tag in Nevada’s main draw still have a chance in the upcoming second draw. Results of the main draw were announced June 18, along with information on remaining tags.

Mule deer hunters will find tags remaining in several hunt categories and units. Twenty-one tags are available for the antlerless depredation hunt (hunt #1101, any legal weapon) held within one mile of the Baker Ranch properties in eastern Nevada. Mule deer buck hunters have a chance at 312 antlered archery hunt (1341) tags, with 306 of those in Area 10, Early. Young hunters continue to have the best opportunity at “second chance” tags with 491 tags remaining for the junior mule deer, either sex hunt (1107) in a variety of units throughout the state.

There are also tags still available in a mule deer hunt category new for 2004. The Anterless Private Land Depredation Hunt (1120, any legal weapon) in the Paradise Valley of Humboldt County has 289 tags remaining. A person who is a resident, so long as they apply in separate drawings, may obtain one tag for hunt 1120. Resident hunters interested in obtaining a Paradise Valley tag must obtain an application form from a landowner. Once the hunter has obtained a tag, he must hunt on the private land of the landowner from whom he obtained permission on the application. Applications for this hunt must be submitted through the mail as the application process for this hunt is not available online.

Hunters interested in applying for these tags should visit, with the exception of hunt 1120, or mail their applications to the Wildlife Administrative Services Office in Fallon. Applications must be received by 5 p.m., Tuesday, July 6, 2004. Results of the drawing will be provided by Friday, July 16.