Big Game Regulations are Now Available

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Those who applied for big game licenses in Colorado last year should receive a copy of the 2005 regulations in the mail. For those who did not apply for a license or who have not received them, copies of the regulations are now available at license agents and at Division of Wildlife (DOW) offices.

The most significant change to the big game regulations in 2005 is that all elk tags for the fourth combined season are available by draw only. In the past, there were over-the-counter tags available for the fourth season. Hunters who bought over-the-counter tags for the fourth season during the past two years will be sent a post card by the DOW informing them of this change to the regulations.

The deadline for all big game applications is April 5. Nonresidents interested in big game hunting in Colorado during 2005, and who did not apply for license last year, can receive a copy of the 2005 regulations by visiting the DOW Web site at Click on “hunting,” then on “regulations brochures,” then on “online form.” A PDF file copy of the brochure can also be viewed by following the preceding steeps. Hunters can also request a copy of the brochure over the phone by calling (303) 297-1192. The Internet order form and copy of the brochure on the DOW Web site allow hunters to avoid long distance phone charges.

Hunters will also have the opportunity to apply for and purchase big game licenses over the Internet. Hunters can learn more about applying over the Internet by visiting More than 25 percent of Colorado’s big game hunters applied for their big game license over the Internet in 2004.

The DOW will have computers available in the Northeast Regional Service Center in Denver and at the Ft. Collins DOW office for those who plan to apply on line but do not have computer access at home. Customers are reminded that by applying over the Internet they are much less likely to make an error that would have their application voided. The Internet application has been updated and will accept four hunt codes per application in 2005. Youth and military personnel will also be available to apply on line in 2005. Those who do choose to use the convenience of the Internet to apply are asked to complete their application sometime before the April 5 deadline to help avoid computer problems at the last minute.

Hunters are reminded that they must meet the Colorado resident criteria before applying for a resident license. The residency qualifications can be found on page two of the 2004 Big Game Brochure. Hunters who do not follow the regulations or those that are looking to pay less expensive resident fees should be aware that they may face charges for doing so.

There are several other new regulations that hunters should be aware of in 2005, including some important changes to the bear hunting regulations. For a list and explanation of the changes in regulations for 2005, please read the “What’s new for 2005” section located on page one of the big game regulations brochure.