Big Game Controlled Hunt Records Consolidated

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An analysis of the results of the 2002 controlled hunt draw found that 3,600 hunters had multiple records in the computerized system, which affected draw results. ODFW staff told the Commission that an additional 1,474 tags were awarded as a result of the analysis because the affected hunters should have been successful in the draw.

Last year, ODFW converted the computerized licensing system from using social security numbers to hunter/angler identification numbers to uniquely identify hunters and anglers. Some hunters were inadvertently entered multiple times, which meant that accrued preference points were split between more than one record.

Preference points are awarded to hunters to increase the chance that they will be awarded a tag during the annual lottery. Some popular hunts require five or six preference points, which means a hunter would have to apply five or six years in a row before receiving a tag.

Biologists do not believe the award of additional tags will have a significant negative biological impact on herds.