Bear Poaching Convictions in Preston County by West Virginia DNR Law Enforcement

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A father and son from Terra Alta, W.Va., have been convicted of several violations of West Virginia’s wildlife laws following a two-week black bear poaching/killing investigation in Preston County.

The investigation was conducted by Natural Resources Police Officer Paul Ferguson after he received information from a confidential informant about a bear poaching. That investigation resulted in the arrest of Arnold Dalton, age 77, and his son Eric Dalton, age 47.

Arnold Dalton was charged with and convicted of illegal possession of a black bear and conspiracy to violate Chapter 20 of the West Virginia Code (wildlife law). He plead guilty on Nov. 14, 2011. His fines and court cost totaled $ 1,341.60.

Eric Dalton was charged with hunting without a bear stamp, illegally killing a black bear, illegal possession of a black bear, conspiring in a violation of Chapter 20. He plead guilty on Nov. 14, 2011, and his total fines, including court costs and replacement fees, were $4,163.20.

The total fines, court costs and replacement costs assessed in this case were $5,504.80. The subjects may also have their hunting privileges suspended for two years.


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What really saddens me about

What really saddens me about this, is that as I am sitting here composing a story of my dad's buck he just got, where we spent great father and son quality time, i have to read about a father and son involved in poaching a bear?  Where do people stray off the beaten oath?  As I have said multiple times, I have not shot a deer in 10 years, yet I still say that any time I get into the woods it's a "success".  I can't think of a better way to spen my time, than with my Dad.  Maybe I should throw poaching into it for our next hunt, get me a new experience.... Wink

Very sad.  At least it looks like they will get stuck with a pretty hefty bill, and even lose their license for a time.  Maybe they will come up with a better way to spend quality time together.