Bear Incident in Desolation Canyon

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A man on a rafting trip suffered a puncture wound to his calf, and superficial wounds to his abdominal area, after being attacked by a black bear in Desolation Canyon at about 10:45 p.m. Wednesday evening, May 5.

Here are the details the Division of Wildlife Resources has as of 5 p.m. today (May 6):

* The incident occurred on the Green River, in Desolation Canyon, about 40 miles east of Price.

* Two different commercial groups were camping in the same area when the attack occurred.

* The injuries are not life-threatening. The man was on a rafting trip and was camping on a beach, with other members of his party, when the attack occurred. Members of his party are taking him by raft to the town of Green River for treatment.

* Two bears may be in the area. It's not known whether one or both of the bears were involved in the attack.

* As of 4 p.m. today (May 6), two members of USDA-Wildlife Services were being flown into the area by helicopter to set snares in hopes of catching the bears. They will set the snares this afternoon and check them tomorrow.

* The camping area where the attack occurred has been closed by the Bureau of Land Management and signs have been posted so other campers will know it's closed and why.

* People launching in Desolation Canyon are being informed of the incident, but there are two groups that left yesterday and one group that left earlier today that cannot be reached.

* The BLM, the DWR and USDA-Wildlife Services are in close contact with each other and are working cooperatively in this effort.