Barrett Teams Up with ZCORR Products to Provide Unmatched Quality

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The Barrett and ZCORR Products partnership began with Barrett’s desire to provide packaging to their customers that exemplified the same quality as their products. Having been tested and backed by the U.S. military and gun enthusiasts, the folks at Barrett felt that the anti corrosion bags offered by ZCORR Products fulfilled that need.

To ensure vital parts remain together as a kit and are not compromised by corrosion, Barrett has selected ZCORR’s Medium Parts & Ammo bags for the job. The bags are constructed with a combination of VCI and barrier layer materials which offer anti corrosion protection for far longer than any similar product. Additionally, the bags also utilize a water tight zipper closure for added protection and reusability.

ZCORR anti-corrosion bags will be used with Barrett’s rifle spare part kits, which will be available on the Barrett web store at The versatility of the bags allow for possible future use in Barrett’s military support kits, warranty replacement parts, and in-house storage.

About ZCORR and Heritage Packaging:
Heritage Packaging is an American family-owned and operated business, with over 20 years of experience in the packaging industry. Using skilled engineers, and the latest in fabrication equipment, they convert flexible materials into innovative packaging solutions for customers worldwide. Their award winning services protect assets and products from undesirable elements such as rust, corrosion, temperature extremes and electro-static discharge. Heritage Packaging’s cost-effective methods and dedication to customer satisfaction make them a leading manufacturer of high-quality, protective packaging systems.

To learn more about ZCORR bags, please visit Their website provides comprehensive information on how the technology works and where you can purchase a ZCORR bag today.