Arkansas Hunting News

Black Bear Captured in Little Rock
A black bear that had been reported in the Heights neighborhood of Little Rock on Wednesday was captured today without incident. Arkansas has about 3,000 bears, mostly in the Ozark and Ouachita mountain areas. Bears were once so plentiful, they were hunted commercially, and Arkansas was known as the Bear State.
Deer and Bear Season Revisions Approved
The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission approved several deer and bear hunting season revisions for 2003 at its meeting Thursday. The statewide seasonal deer limit, set at three, will include no more than two legal bucks and no more than one doe, with the exception of bag limit restrictions on wildlife management areas.
Elk Hunting Applications
A total of 18 elk permits will be drawn June 28, 2003, in Jasper. One permit will be reserved for a youth under 16 years of age to hunt in zone 3. All youths under 16 (as of May 1, 2003) applying for an elk hunt will automatically be entered into this drawing. Applications must be postmarked by June 1, 2003.
Most Deer Hunting Dates Set
After much feedback from the public, commissioners from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission today tabled a decision on a portion of the upcoming deer season. At the same time, commissioners approved a portion of the deer season dates.
High Water Closes Deer Hunting in Black River Region
Recent heavy rains have forced the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to close deer hunting in the Black River Flood Prone Region of northeast Arkansas.
Diseased Out-of-State Deer Discovered at Processing Plant
A deer killed in Colorado and brought to Arkansas for processing has been confirmed to have chronic wasting disease. The Arkansas hunter left a portion of the deer's brain and spine in Colorado to be tested by the Colorado Division of Wildlife.
Mixed Ballot Results for Animal Rights Groups
Arkansas voters appear to have overwhelmingly rejected Initiated Act 1, a poorly worded animal cruelty act opposed by the state's sporting and agriculture communities. In Oklahoma, animal rights groups successfully banned cockfighting with the passage of Ballot Question 687 by a vote of 56 percent to 44 percent. At the same time, they defeated Ballot Question 698 that would have raised the bar to qualify future ballot issues attempting to restrict animal uses. In Florida, animal rights organizations successfully championed a constitutional amendment granting special rights to pregnant hogs.
Closed Deer Zones Re-Open
Good news for deer hunters in northeast Arkansas. Water levels on area waterways have receded to a level that will allow the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to re-open deer season in that area of the state. AGFC director Hugh Durham signed a proclamation today opening the two zones immediately.
High Water Forces Closure of Deer Season
Torrential rains that caused flooding in northeast Arkansas have forced the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to close deer season in that area.
Deer Season Unchanged; Harvest Down
No additional days will be added to the Arkansas's deer modern gun season this year. Commissioners from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission had asked agency biologists to look at the extension after concerns about a reduced deer harvest this season.