Arkansas Man Booked for Fraud in Big Buck Contest

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On March 21, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Enforcement Division agents booked an Arkansas man into the Morehouse Parish jail for contest fraud. Daniel Wiggins, 34, was charged as a result of an investigation revealing his alleged entry of an illegally taken buck into the Simmons Sporting Goods big buck contest in Bastrop.

Wiggins and one other suspect allegedly killed the deer at approximately 4 a.m. on December 11, 2004. The violation occurred in Ashley County, Arkansas while both men were on duty with the Ashley County Sheriff's Office.

Committing contest fraud means to willfully and unlawfully enter a hunting or fishing contest with the intent to defraud or knowingly make false representation in an effort to win any prize awarded with a value of more than $100. The penalty for contest fraud is a fine of up to $3,000, one year in prison or both.

Wiggins’ bond was set at $1,500. He is scheduled for arraignment on May 17.

Arkansas wildlife agents now possess items seized during the investigation, including the antlers from the buck deer; the antlers earned a gross score of 159 Boone and Crockett Club points for contest purposes.

Louisiana enforcement agents involved in the case were Sergeants Jamey Hagan, Darren Bruce, Scott Mathews and Senior Agent Wayne Parker.