Arkansas Approves 2011-12 Hunting Seasons

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Commissioners from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission  formally approved regulation changes as part of the 2011-12 hunting season-setting process. One major change increases the statewide deer bag limit from five deer to six deer with no more than two bucks.

Another change eliminates the use of preference points for 2013-14 deer hunting permits. A completely random drawing will be used to select applicants for deer permit hunts. Waiting two years will allow hunters, who currently have preference points, to utilize those points, AGFC wildlife chief David Goad said. "In the interim, no hunters will accrue new preference points," Goad said. "Additionally, all members of party hunt applications that are successfully drawn for a hunt will lose their accrued points even if the permit is not purchased. This will eliminate the problem of super groups attempting to monopolize the deer permit system," he added.

To simplify deer hunting regulations, the Commission voted to remove the prohibition on hunting deer over bait during February. Baiting is allowed in January with only one percent of the deer harvest occurring during that month. Less than one percent of the total deer harvest is recorded during February. Biologists don't believe that any substantial increase in the February deer harvest will result if baiting is allowed during that month.

This hunting season, deer hunters will be required to display blaze orange or chartreuse on all sides of the exterior of a portable, pop-up type blind. This will only be required on the state’s public lands.

To see a summary of the 2011-12 hunting regulations, go to:


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Thanks for sharing the news on the new regulations.

Other than the elimination of preference points (which I don’t understand) the other changes by the state of   Arkansas Game and Fish Commission seem like good changes for hunters to me.  Increasing the statewide deer bag limit from five deer to six deer means more tags to fill.  So long as the deer population will bear the change without adversely being diminished this seems like a good thing to me.   If baiting is allowed in one month it only seems reasonable to  remove the prohibition on using or hunting over bait during other months.    I’m a firm believer in making hunting as safe as possible so I support the use of blaze orange by hunters and on their blinds.  So I have no problem with the new rule requiring deer hunters to display blaze orange on all sides of the exterior of a blind on the state’s public lands.  You don’t know WHO is hunting on public land or how safe their gun handling is.  At the same time it is reasonable to say that if you have a deer hunting blind on your own private property where the public should not be hunting, then you aren’t required to meet the new obligation.  I don’t agree with their elimination of preference points but at least they are letting those points be used before they are wiped out.

I’m with you Hunter25 I can take maybe 2 or 3 deer a year legally here in the state of New York so a five or six deer bag limit seems very generous to me.  One of my co-workers just had family move to the state of Arkansas, maybe I should check it out not only to hunt but by all accounts it’s a great place to live too! 

 Thanks for sharing the news on the new regulations. 


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Wow another state that you

Wow another state that you can take as many deer in one year as I can in 6 or 7 years here at home. I was really impressed with most of Arkansas when I drove through there last year in January. Rolling tree covered hills and not nearly as cold as I'm used to here in Colorado and from the fliers I picked up the housing prices are pretty good also.

I wonder why the harvest is so low in January and February? Do most of the guys just stop hunting by then because of the weather or they just get tired or what? I can't imagine stopping myself unless the hunting is so good that all the tags are already filled up.

I guess I'll have to do some more research into this one and find out if it's a place I need to go back and visit to add to my list of states that I have hunted.