Arkansas Adds 2,700 Acres to Gene Rush WMA

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Opportunities for public hunting will be enhanced this fall with the addition of about 2,700 acres of land along lower Richland Creek in Searcy County to Gene Rush Wildlife Management Area.

All regulations, season dates and bag limits that apply to Gene Rush WMA will apply to the new acquisition, although most improvements for public access and habitat management will not be in place this year. For instance, access may be limited by Buffalo River and Richland Creek water levels.

Camping and parking areas have not been installed. This means no camping will be allowed on the newly acquired property this hunting season. Hunters also are encouraged to park in locations that do not block existing roads. Habitat improvements will begin next spring after a management plan has been designed. The plan will be open to public comment as it is developed. In the meantime, please respect personal property that may not yet be removed from the new acreage. No pasture gates should be opened or fences cut. Instances like these will be considered destruction of private property and a civil offense.

Horses may be used for recreation along the existing equestrian trail that connects to adjoining National Park Service land. Other uses of horses will be restricted according to AGFC regulations.

Maps of the new area are being produced and should be ready this fall. For more information or to obtain a copy of the newly acquired area map, call the AGFC Russellville Regional Office, (877) 967-7577 or the area manager at Gene Rush WMA, (870) 741-5446, ext. 277.