Arizona's Big Game Super Raffle

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A $25 raffle ticket could put an Arizona Game and Fish Commission's special big game permit for elk or bighorn in your pocket. How would you like a chance to pursue mule deer during the rut on the Kaibab for just a $20 ticket?

Welcome to the Big Game Super Raffle, where your dreams can come true.

A consortium of nonprofit conservation groups partner together to raffle off one each of the 10 special big game tags (issued by the commission) to raise funds for wildlife conservation projects that directly benefit those species (and many others indirectly) in Arizona.

Winners will be able to hunt for 365 days almost anywhere in the state of Arizona during a special 2011-12 hunting season.

To cover the administrative costs of the raffle there are two bonus items: an incredible Swarovski optic package valued at $7000, ticket cost of only $10; and, a guided trophy elk hunt in New Mexico valued at $6,500, ticket cost of only $20.

For $150, you get one ticket for each of the 12 items up for raffle, that’s only $12.50 a ticket.

Now that you're excited, here is the icing on the cake. While there will obviously be 12 very happy winners, the real winners are Arizona's wildlife and habitats. The money raised from the Super Raffle goes right back on the ground to wildlife conservation in Arizona. So buy a ticket, support wildlife and we all win.

Tickets can be purchased by mail or online. The deadline for mail orders is July 15. Online orders are available until July 17. The public drawing will be held July 21.

For more details, order form, and deadlines, visit

To learn how funds raised through the raffle are benefiting wildlife, visit the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Habitat Partnership Committee webpage at

The Arizona Game and Fish Department does not receive any of the state's general funds to operate. Wildlife conservation and management of the state’s game animals, which also benefits many non-game species, is made possible through a user-pay, user-benefit system. Funding from the direct sale of hunting and fishing licenses, big game tags, and matching funds from the Pittman-Robertson Act, a federal excise tax that sportsmen pay on guns, ammunition and related equipment, remain the backbone of wildlife conservation in North America.


hunter25's picture

First off this is a great

First off this is a great idea for the state of Arizona and all the other states that offer this sort of raffle as they raise a lot of money for their resident wildlife and game programs. But I wonder why you can run and buy these tickets online but they have not figured out how to offer us an online application system for the draw down there? Anyway like I said a lot of valuable money is raised but it looks to ne like your odds of drawing this tag are actually lower than waiting it out for the preference point game. You might get lucky but your odds are low and unlike the draw you will get no money back.

I will not be buying any of these raffle tags but good luck to any of you guys that do.