Arizona Hunting News

Public Meetings Set on Proposed Rule Changes
The Arizona Game and Fish Department is conducting a series of public meetings on proposed Game and Fish Commission rule changes relating to miscellaneous licenses and permits, and on a new proposed rule for the taking and handling of wildlife. The new rule would place additional regulations on the use of spotlights when taking wildlife.
Optics and Patience are the Keys to Locating Javelina
"Expect javelina to be more dispersed due to the green-up and water availability this year," says Big Game Supervisor Brian Wakeling. "In the long term, the green-up is good for javelina. In the short term, it makes finding them more difficult. Plan to wear out your eyeballs, not your shoe leather. Optics will be the key."
A Holiday Season Pronghorn Gift
Arizona received an early holiday season gift this year: 39 pronghorn antelope were brought to Arizona from Utah in early December.
Wolf Pack Slated for Relocation
To provide a more viable, long-term potential of survival and reproduction capability for the Aspen Pack of Mexican gray wolves, the Blue Range Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project’s Adaptive Management Oversight Committee has decided to remove the pack from the wild for translocation to a more suitable site.
Commission Considering Draft Hunt Guidelines for 2005
The Arizona Game and Fish Commission is considering the draft guidelines and recommendations for the 2005-2006 hunting and trapping seasons during the Saturday, Dec. 11 segment of its two-day meeting at the Peoria City Council Chambers, 8401 W. Monroe Street, Peoria.
Information Needed on Bighorn Sheep Poaching
The Arizona Game and Fish Department is asking for the public's help in finding a poacher that killed a Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep in the Blue River corridor of eastern Arizona during the week of Nov. 15.
New Brochure Explains OHV Laws
The Arizona Game and Fish Department has just released “A Guide to Arizona Off-Highway Vehicle Laws, Rules and Regulations,” a new brochure designed to explain the state’s complicated off-highway vehicle laws.
Online Hunt Application Process will be Suspended Next Year
In response to a July court ruling that declared Arizona’s 10-percent cap on nonresident hunt permits for certain big game animals unconstitutional, the Arizona Game and Fish Commission last month directed the department to suspend the online application process for one year, effective with the fall 2005 big game draw.
Spring Hunt Application Deadline
The deadline to apply for the spring 2005 hunts is Oct. 12 at 7 p.m. MST in Arizona Game and Fish Department offices. Postmarks don’t count: applications must be received in Game and Fish offices by then. Avoid using your 2004 hunting license number when applying for 2005 hunts.
Help Protect Deer and Elk
The department needs 1,800 heads to be tested for the possible presence of chronic wasting disease (CWD), which is a fatal neurological disease that affects deer and elk. CWD has not made its way into Arizona, but it is found in three neighboring states: Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.