Arizona Javelina Tags Still Available

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There are a handful of over-the-counter hunt-permit tags available for the General Javelina Season and a few hundred tags available for the Handgun, Archery and Muzzleloader Season (Feb. 15-21), advises the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

"The tags are available on a first-come, first-served basis, which means these remaining tags will likely go fast now that we are offering them over-the-counter and via mail," says Public Information Officer Rory Aikens.

To find out what javelina tags remain, you can call (602) 789-3702 or visit the Game and Fish Internet Home Page at and look under "What's New." The Home Page information is updated weekly, and the phone line information is typically updated daily.


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This is a long time ago but I

This is a long time ago but I know that even today every year there are many leftover javelina tags in Arizona. The first time I went down there a leftover is what I purchased and even after a lot of research in picking the best of the picked over tags I did not do very well. Like most areas the leftovers are usually leftover for a reason. They are not always bad tags but they are rarely what would be considered great ones. Only one of us harvested a javelina that year but it did provide us the motivation to enter the draw early the next time around so we could try to get what we wanted instead of taking what was left. Hopefully Arizona will create a online draw system one of these years to make the pracess much easier like all of the other western states have done.