Arizona Discussing Options For Hunters Drawn In Wildfire Affected Areas

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The Arizona Game and Fish Commission added an agenda item to its meeting held on Saturday, June 25th to discuss the options available to the commission and department for responding to the situations of hunters who are drawn for hunts in game management units affected by this year's wildfires.

The commission received presentations from staff and discussed the range of options available for assessing the impact of wildfires on hunting opportunity in those units, for dealing with the impacts on hunters drawn for those units, and the resource implications of those actions.


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It's a sad state of affairs

It's a sad state of affairs that a meeting like this even has to be callled due to the huge amount lands that have burned and the quality elk areas that have suffered because of it. I know it can take a very long time to get some of these very desirable tags down there and then to have the opportunity taken away from you like this has got to be a heart breaker. I'm not sure if all the habitat in these areas is gone for now but if not you would think there could still be some great hunting to be had. I'm not sure what I would do because if you give up the tag you have no idea when you may be able to draw another good one again. Hopefully this meeting will result in some positive options for all those affected by this tragic event.