Arizona 2011-12 Hunting Regulation Books Now Available

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Hunters will be happy to hear that printed copies of the 2011-12 Arizona Hunting and Trapping Regulations are now available at all Arizona Game and Fish offices and more than 300 license dealers statewide.

For those interested in applying for one of the limited tags issued through the drawing process, get your application submitted by May 27 (5 p.m. MST) to take advantage of the correction period.

If your application is received by the correction period deadline and has a mistake, Game and Fish will attempt to call you three times in a 24-hour period and give you the opportunity to correct the mistake. After that date, mistakes can cause your application to be rejected.

Applications must be either hand-delivered to one of the seven Game and Fish offices or sent by U.S. mail to:

Drawing Section
Arizona Game and Fish Department
PO Box 74020
Phoenix, AZ 85087-1052

The fall drawing cycle allocates the limited hunt permit-tags for deer (rifle and some archery), fall turkey, fall javelina, bighorn sheep, fall buffalo and pheasant.

The application deadline for the fall drawing cycle is Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 7 p.m. (MST). Postmarks do not count and there is no online application process available.

The 2011-12 Arizona Hunting and Trapping Regulations contain information on how to fill out an application, how the draw works, license requirements, hunt numbers, season dates, number of permits available, and other pertinent information for the hunter. Also included in these regulations are the seasons for quail, rabbit, tree squirrel, predator and fur-bearing animals. The small game opener is set for Friday, September 30.

To learn more about the drawing process, hunting season dates, and more, visit


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I usually do all my research

I usually do all my research on the internet for the states I am interested in hunting and Arizona is no exception, but I think I will give them a call this year and get the hardcopy sent as it is a bit easier sometimes for a quick reference or easier than printing out some of the stuff that you need. I have hunted down there before and plan to again but they no longer send me the information automatically.

Hopefully someday they will move up with all the other states and start to offer the application process online as well. It sure makes it a lot easier to apply and go over your information before you send it off. I'm always afraid my application will get lost in the mail anymore and I prefer the email notification that it was recieved. Good luck to everyone that applies down there this year as I will not be competition for you till next year again.