Archery Hunting News

Iowa Deer Archery Season Opens Friday Oct 1st

Deer hunters are busy sighting in their bows, checking trail cameras and putting up tree stands in preparation for the opening of Iowa's archery deer hunting season on October 1. The 55,000 bowhunters have been waiting all summer to pursue Iowa's world class deer that is the envy of hunters from across the United States.

"Bowhunters typically want to be out there early," said Tom Litchfield, state deer biologist with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. "They hunt alone or with a friend or two and spend quite a few days in the field."

Maryland DNR Announces Deer Hunt Dates at Wye Island NRMA

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Maryland Park Service announced the 2010-2011 dates for archery and firearms deer hunts at Wye Island Natural Resources Management Area (NRMA).

This year's dates for archery hunts are now through October 20, October 25 through November 26, December 13-17, January 3-6, 2011, and January 10-31, 2011, Monday through Saturday only. No archery hunting will be allowed during the muzzleloader and firearms season.

Vermont Archery Deer Season Begins Oct. 2nd

Hunters are enthusiastic about Vermont's upcoming October 2-24 and December 4-12 archery deer hunting season, according to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.

Tennessee Archery Deer Season Kicks Off Sept. 25th

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency expects bowhunters to be out in force for Tennessee's 2010 archery deer hunting season which kicks off on Saturday, Sept. 25.

The deer archery season will again be divided into three segments statewide this year. The first segment runs from Sept. 25-Oct. 29 while the remaining two will be Nov. 1-5, and Dec. 6-17.

Ohio Archery Deer Season Begins Sept. 25th

Approximately 300,000 bowhunters, representing more than half of all Ohioans who hunt deer, are expected to participate in the statewide archery deer hunting season that opens September 25, according the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Division of Wildlife.

Oklahoma Archery Black Bear and Deer Season Kicks Off Oct. 1st

Oklahoma's deer and bear archery seasons kick off Oct. 1, not even a full week after the close of the second annual antelope archery season.

"While Oklahoma has always offered tremendous opportunities to hunt big game, we are at a historical high point for hunting opportunity," said Jerry Shaw, big game biologist for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. "You can start your big game hunting season with the mid-September archery antelope season, take a few days break, and then continue hunting deer through the start of the new year."

Connecticut Archery Deer and Turkey Opens Oct. 15th

The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) reminds sportsmen that the 2010 fall archery hunting season for deer and wild turkey opens September 15. From September 15 to December 31, bowhunters can hunt for both deer and turkeys on designated state lands and on private land where they have written permission of the landowner. In zone 11 (Fairfield County area) and zone 12 (Connecticut shoreline towns), archery hunters can hunt for deer and turkeys from September 15, 2010, until January 31, 2011.

Wisconsin Wild Turkey Season Opens Sept. 18th

The 2010 Fall Wild Turkey and Ruffed Grouse seasons are set to open at the start of shooting hours on Sept. 18, and state wildlife officials say hunter prospects are good for both seasons.

South Carolina Offers Archers Chance to Hone Skills

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources recently completed an addition to the Archery Range at the Webb Wildlife Center in Hampton County.

Nebraska Turkey Season Opens Sept. 15th

Fall turkey season opens Sept. 15 across Nebraska, and hunters of all ages have the opportunity to pursue the abundant gobblers. Getting new hunters into the field could be even easier this year, however, as reduced-price permits are available for youth.

Fall turkey permits are $24 for residents, $91 for nonresidents and $6 for youth younger than 16 years (residents and nonresidents), including issuing fee. The reduced-price youth permits were a big success during the spring turkey season, when youth permit sales more than doubled from the previous spring.