Archery Hunting News

DNR Shooting/Archery Range Development Grants Available
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced today that $240,000 in Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources grant money is now available to nonprofit groups and organizations for the improvement of shooting and archery range facilities around the state.
Archery Deer Season Starts Oct. 4th
Hunters can expect to see plenty of deer in Vermont's two-part archery deer hunting season according to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. Season dates are October 4 - 26 and December 6 - 14.
Archery Deer Hunting Opens Sept 15th
This years archery deer hunting season opens Sept. 15 throughout the state and archers anxious to get back into the field are ready to go. Last year 28 percent of the 13,951 archery permit holders took a deer.
Bowhunters, Avoid Becoming the Hunted
Bowhunters are sneaky, smelly, and camouflaged to look like a bush. While that’s what it takes to get close enough for a good shot with a bow and arrow, that same hunter is making it hard for a bear to notice him.
Archery Deer Season Opens September 13th
Wisconsin’s 2003 early archery deer hunting season opens one half hour before sunrise Saturday, Sept. 13, with the regular early season running through Nov. 20. The late archery deer season runs Dec. 1 through Jan. 3, 2004. At this time there is not a prohibition against baiting deer in Wisconsin going into the opening of the archery season.
New Rule Eliminates Firearm Possession Restrictions During Hunting Seasons
The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has rescinded all administrative rules that restrict the possession of firearms during certain hunting seasons. However, hunters must follow existing rules that govern the type of weapon used to hunt big game, game birds or furbearers. As a result of the action, for example, bow hunters may choose to carry a firearm while deer or elk hunting.
Archery Season Offers Unbeatable Hunting
With Colorado elk populations at near record numbers and deer herds stable or rebounding in most areas, the 2003 Colorado archery hunt promises to be as good as it gets.
Archery Antelope Season Opens August 16th
South Dakota’s archery antelope season will begin Saturday, Aug. 16, and remain open through Oct. 31 in those areas of the state with a firearms antelope season. However hunters are reminded that this season is closed during the firearms antelope season.
Chattanooga Bow Hunting Opportunity
For Tennessee archery hunters, additional public hunting is available on Lovell Field Wildlife Management Area. Through a cooperative agreement between the Chattanooga Airport Authority and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, approximately 200 acres that surround the Chattanooga airport are open for permitted bow hunting.
2003 Camp Ripley Archery Hunt Deadline Approaching
Hunters interested in the 2003 regular archery deer hunts at Camp Ripley near Little Falls are reminded that this year’s Aug. 15 application deadline is fast approaching. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) began accepting applications for the hunts July 1.