Apply Now for Antlerless Deer Permit

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The application period for the 2004 Antlerless Deer Permit Draw is now underway. New Brunswick residents who want to hunt antlerless deer must purchase 2004 deer hunting licences and apply for permits.

Applications must be received at Department of Natural Resources (DNR) offices or Service New Brunswick (SNB) centres by July 16. Licences, applications, booklets describing New Brunswick wildlife management zones and deer hunter fact sheets are available at all DNR offices, SNB centres and licence vendors. Application information is also available online at:

The computerized Antlerless Deer Permit Draw will be held in late summer. The department has established specific numbers of permits for wildlife management zones. New Brunswick residents may apply to hunt for antlerless deer in one of the zones where permits are available. Deer hunting season remains closed in zones 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 9 while hunters are allowed to harvest only deer with visible antlers (bucks only) in zones 13 and 14.

The following is a list of wildlife management zones and the 2004 quota of antlerless permits allocated for each zone:

2004 Antlerless Deer Permit Quotas

1- Deer Season Closed
2- Deer Season Closed
3- Deer Season Closed
4- Deer Season Closed
5- Deer Season Closed
6- 100
7- 50
8- Deer Season Closed
9- Deer Season Closed
10- 300
11- 100
12- 50
13- 0 (bucks only)
14- 0 (bucks only)
15- 100
16- 240
17- 100
18- 230
19- 50
20- 100
21- 250
22- 580
23- 130
24- 50
25- 50
26- 50
27- 500

Hunters are reminded the bag limit is one deer per licenced hunter. Those who are successful in the draw are eligible to harvest an antlerless deer in the zone for which their name was drawn, or an antlered deer anywhere in the province that is open for deer hunting. The antlerless deer permit system provides a responsible way to manage the deer resource and preserves the hunting history and traditions New Brunswick residents enjoy.