Another 3F2 Mule Deer Tests Positive for CWD in North Dakota

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A mule deer taken from unit 3F2 during opening weekend of the deer gun season has tested positive for chronic wasting disease.

Dr. Dan Grove, North Dakota Game and Fish Department wildlife veterinarian, said a hunter shot a doe in western Grant County and submitted the head for testing as part of the hunter-harvested surveillance program. Testing was performed at Michigan State University. As of Tuesday, Nov. 22, Game and Fish was awaiting verification of initial tests results from a lab at Iowa State University.

“According to the hunter, the animal looked healthy,” Grove said. “It showed no visible signs of having any health issues.”

This is the third deer to test positive for CWD, and all three were from taken from unit 3F2 in southwestern North Dakota. The first two were during the 2009 and 2010 deer gun seasons. All three were within 15 miles of each other.

“The latest positive emphasizes the importance of continued monitoring along with current and expanding CWD restrictions in and around this unit,” Grove said.

The hunter-harvested surveillance program annually collects samples taken from hunter-harvested deer in specific regions of the state. In addition to unit 3F2, samples during the 2011 deer gun season were collected from units in the central third of the state.

CWD affects the nervous system of members of the deer family and is always fatal. Scientists have found no evidence that CWD can be transmitted naturally to humans or livestock.


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Man, North Dakota has seen

Man, North Dakota has seen some really bad news the last couple of years with regards to their deer herd.  First, it's the severe winters, second I think it was the hemmoragic disease in part of the state, correct?  Now, it's another deer testing positive for CWD.  It's gotta be tough working in fish and game in North Dakota these days being hit left and right with these problems.

Hopefully this will be just an isolated case and there will not be too many negative impacts on the herd.  Interesting that it hadn't shown any affects, and must have just been a random test.  It shows the importance of participating in these testing programs if your state offers them. They could use a break up there, for sure.

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  Well as long as it remains


Well as long as it remains with this one deer then I guess the disease has not taken any advancement with more of the population being infected versus the first two years.  But this was one deer found on opening weekend.  If a couple more are found to have the disease as well does this mean the disease is spreading more so than previous years?  Yes, definitely another scenario to ponder.  Hopefully no more are found and this continues as the trend.  I have yet to harvest an animal that had the disease... I hope.  Even with the information available I don't know if I could tell if I had an animal that had CWD.  This guy says the deer appeared normal.  I guess there is enough doubt in my mind that I continue to pay close attention to ensure brain, bone marrow, and vertibrae matter don't get into my processed meat.


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Another CWD case to ponder on

Another CWD case to ponder on this year. Although there have been a few ccases in new areas in other states at least this one is in an area that has already tested positive and with only one case per year so far. I'm sure more will turn up and it will continue to spread but it doesn't seem to be moving as fast as it once was. My area of Colorado has remained free of it so far but it has moved slowly closer over the years. I dread the day it finally gets here as it will be something to worry about as just not really being sure of the consequences. I know htey say it's safe but it will be on my mind anyway.