All Wolf Hunting to Close in WMU 390, Subunit 313/316 Montana

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The hunting of all wolves in Montana Wolf Management Subunit 313/316, which include portions of Park County, will close October 6, 2011 at one half-hour after sunset. The remaining portion of Wolf Management Unit 390 will remain open.

The order halting the hunt came after Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks officials received word that the pre-established harvest quota of 3 wolves in subunit 313/316 had been met.

For more information, visit FWP’s website at click "Montana Wolf Hunt," or call the toll-free number at 1-800-385-7826.


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  Great job to the three


Great job to the three hunters who were able to succeed in assisting the state of Montana in the management of their wolf population.  While it is only three tags filled this year I have got to think that the subsequent years will offer more to the Montana hunters.

It is great to see a wildlife program include wolves and the allowance for the culling of the packs as a game management program.

I am looking forward to seeing more western states get to this point.


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Glad to see that sound

Glad to see that sound management is being applied and they met the managment goal. As I have said many times, management not eradication of the wolves.

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Good to see wolf quotas are

Good to see wolf quotas are being met even if it's a small one of 3 wolfs. Lets just hope the rest of the states wolf zones can fill their quotas too. I too would love to see some pictures of harvested wolfs if anybody has any. Is anyone from the forum hunting wolfs this year. I would love to but I'm not going out of state just for a wolf and i dought that Oregon will have an open wolf hunt in my lifetime. So i guess it will just be a pipe dream for now. A big congrats to the lucky 3 people who filled their tags in the zone.

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Wow.  Good to see that they

Wow.  Good to see that they hit their quota, but a quota that is only 3 animals?  I am surprised, that if they felt there was a need for a season, that they would even bother to have a season for 3 wolves.  I guess there were a couple of lucky people out there in Montana.

I'd like to see some photos from the wofl harvests.  Anyone seen any rerports from out that way?