Alaska Hunting News

State Shortens Fall 2005 Registration Moose Hunt
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announces an emergency order that establishes a 2-week moose season in fall 2005 for registration permit hunt RM840. The resident season for this hunt will be Sept. 1-Sept. 14 with a bag limit of one bull by registration permit only.
Disease Identified in Moose
Preliminary laboratory results indicate that several moose that died in the Fairbanks area this winter were infected with a disease causing symptoms similar to "Adenovirus Hemorrhage Disease of Deer", or AHD.
ADF&G Extends Public Comment Period for Draft Wildlife Conservation Strategy
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) announced today that it is extending the public review and comment period for its draft Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy by two weeks. Interested members of the public will now have until April 18, 2005, to review and comment on the draft strategy.
Grizzly Bear Control Permits Available
Permits to participate in the State sponsored bear control program in eastern Interior Alaska will be available April 1 from Fish and Game offices in Tok, Fairbanks, Anchorage and Palmer.
Muskox Season to Open February 16, 2005
The Alaska Department of fish and Game will open a registration permit hunting season for muskox in Unit 26B on February 16, 2005. The hunt includes the area east of the Dalton Highway Corridor Management Area and the Prudhoe Bay Closed Area, and west of the Canning River. Permits are available only to Alaska residents, and may be obtained at Nuiqsut and Kaktovik. The season will be closed when four animals are taken or by March 31, whichever comes first.
Predator Control Permit Applications Available
Applications to participate in state-sponsored predator control programs are now available from Alaska Department of Fish & Game offices. Permits to land and shoot wolves will be issued for Game Management Units 13A, B and E in the Nelchina Basin and in Unit 16B west of Cook Inlet.
Dall Sheep Hunters Required to Seal Horns
Most Dall sheep hunters this year need to comply with a new regulation requiring that the horns be sealed after the hunt. The horns of rams taken in units where a horn size restriction is in place must be sealed. Horns of sheep taken in units where any sheep is legal do not have to be sealed
License Fees Refund for Deployed Military Personnel
The State of Alaska, through efforts initiated by Senator Lisa Murkowski, recently adopted measures to benefit Alaska’s overseas soldiers. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) is providing refunds to military personnel who purchased a 2003 hunting or fishing license in Alaska and were since deployed to the Middle East.
F&G Completes Predator Control Programs
Two predator control programs designed to rebuild depleted moose populations will end for the season on April 30. The programs, one near McGrath and one in the Nelchina Basin, began last year and are expected to resume next fall or winter in order to meet management goals set by the Alaska Board of Game.
Parasite Kills Moose in Delta
A newly discovered parasite that affects the nervous system has most likely killed at least two moose and possibly more near Delta Junction.