Alaska Hunting News

Alaska Board of Game Will Meet March 2 thru 12
The Alaska Board of Game will meet March 2-12, 2007, in Anchorage at the Coast International Inn to consider more than 200 proposals regarding hunting and trapping regulations in the Southcentral and Southwest regions, along with other topics.
Alaska Denied Request to Limit Commercial Bear Part Sales
The Federal Subsistence Board recently denied a Request for Reconsideration (RFR) submitted by the State of Alaska, through the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G), asking the Federal Board to reconsider its decision that allows commercial sale of bear parts including claws, skulls, teeth and bones taken under federal subsistence regulations.
Alaska Sets Deadline for Proposals to Board of Game
The deadline for submitting proposals to the Alaska Board of Game March 2007 meeting is 5:00 p.m. Friday, December 8, 2006. This is also the deadline for submitting proposals to the Joint Board of Fisheries and Game meeting scheduled for October 2007.
Hunters Included in Alaska Land Decisions
After years of battling by groups like Safari Club International, a judge in Alaska has agreed that representatives from the hunting community must be allowed to participate in decisions concerning the use of the state’s federal land for subsistence purposes.
Tularemia Hot Spot Noted
Tests have confirmed that a snowshoe hare from the North Pole area died of Tularemia last week.
Predator Control Programs Adopted
The Board of Game voted unanimously to continue predator control programs in four areas of the state with some minor changes, and replaced one program with an expanded effort.
Winter Hunt for Moose in GMU 26A
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced an emergency opening of a winter moose hunting season in Game Management Unit26A in the Colville River drainage upstream from and including the Anaktuvuk River drainage.
State Resumes Predator Management Programs
State wildlife officials on Friday began issuing new wolf control permits under new regulations unanimously approved by the Board of Game in response to concerns raised by a Superior Court judge.
Hunting Season Closed to Protect Nelchina Caribou
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has closed caribou hunting on land accessible from the Taylor Highway south of Chicken to protect animals from the Nelchina Herd which have moved into the area during the past week.
State Shortens Fall 2005 Registration Moose Hunt
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announces an emergency order that establishes a 2-week moose season in fall 2005 for registration permit hunt RM840. The resident season for this hunt will be Sept. 1-Sept. 14 with a bag limit of one bull by registration permit only.