Alaska Supports Promoting Hunting Opportunities

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The Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G), Denby Lloyd, pledged his agency's support for and cooperation with President Bush's Executive Order promoting expansion and enhancement of hunting opportunities and habitat management. "Governor Palin and I join the President in encouraging all Alaskans to conserve and manage land and wildlife, to promote hunting, and to appreciate the role of hunters in wildlife conservation," said Lloyd.

The President's Executive Order, issued August 16th, directs federal agencies to coordinate with each other, with the states and with hunters around the country to increase hunting opportunities. "More than 60 percent of Alaska is federal land, and we manage all wildlife here on state and federal land for sustainability and abundance," Commissioner Lloyd said. "I am glad that the President acknowledges the important role that states play in wildlife management."

Lloyd applauded the President's direct encouragement of opportunities for conservation and management of land and wildlife, and his recognition that outdoor activities like hunting can provide tremendous benefits to individuals and to wildlife conservation. "Hunters have always been pillars of wildlife conservation in this country, and have done more than anyone else to conserve wild creatures and their habitat," he said. "We have numerous successful programs at ADF&G to educate new hunters and anglers and increase the ranks of advocates for responsible outdoor activities."

"I am hopeful that the President's Order will help encourage federal land managers in Alaska to work with our staff at the Department of Fish and Game to improve access to federal lands here for hunters, anglers and wildlife enthusiasts," said Commissioner Lloyd. "At a time when fewer and fewer Americans are engaged in hunting, this is a great opportunity for us to work together to turn that trend around."

The Executive Order calls for the Council on Environmental Quality to convene a White House Conference on North American Wildlife Policy within the next year. This conference will seek input from numerous federal agencies as well as state and tribal fish and wildlife agencies and members of the public, with the goal of developing a comprehensive Recreational Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Plan for the country. Commissioner Lloyd pledged Alaska's support for and cooperation with this endeavor.

President Bush's Executive Order: Facilitation of Hunting Heritage and Wildlife Conservation, is available online at: