Alaska Moose Permits for Minto and Tanana Flats

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Registration permits for "any moose" hunts in the Minto Flats Management Area in Unit 20B (RM775) and "antlerless moose" hunts in the Western Tanana Flats in Unit 20A (RM768) will be issued August 6, 2009.

The general moose hunting season in both areas is for bulls with spiked, forked, or 50 inch antlers.

"Moose numbers remain high enough in these areas to allow for these permit hunts in addition to the general moose hunting season," said Area Biologist Don Young.

Both hunts are limited registration permit hunts, meaning the hunter must register in person for a permit, and the number of permits are limited. Only Alaska residents qualify for the permits, which will be limited to one per household and the hunter must have a 2009 hunting license in possession.

Permits will be issued beginning at 10:00 am on Thursday, August 6. All permits are issued on a first come, first served basis. Hunters who have killed a moose anywhere in Alaska after July 1, 2009 are not eligible for these hunts.

For the Minto Flats hunt (RM775), a total of 100 "any moose" permits will be issued as follows: 24 at the Nenana Native Council office at 802 G Street in Nenana, 36 at Lakeview Lodge in Minto, and 40 at the ADF&G office in Fairbanks.

For the Western Tanana Flats hunt (RM768), a total of 40 "antlerless moose" permits will be issued, all at the Nenana Native Council Office in Nenana.

Lines will originate outside the doors of the Nenana Native Council Office (north entrance), Minto Lakeview Lodge (main entrance), and the Fairbanks Fish and Game office (north entrance). Individuals must physically maintain their own place in line. Lists of names or numbers will not be honored.

General moose hunting seasons for bull moose with spike, fork, or 50 inch antlers will also be held on the Minto Flats September 11-25 and the Western Tanana Flats September 1-25. Hunters need a license and moose harvest ticket to participate in the general hunts (check the 2009-2010 Hunting Regulations booklet for details).

Hunters with questions can call 459-7206 or 459-7233 for more information.