Alaska DFG Says No Change to Deer Season

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During the past week, a number of hunters have called the Dept. of Fish anf Game offices in Douglas and Sitka to ask about the possibility of an early closure to the deer season in Unit 1 and Unit 4 portions of Southeast Alaska.

In response to these calls and to dispel any potential rumors, the deptartment would like to inform hunters that no changes to the state's regional deer regulations are being considered at this time, and theat the season in theses areas remains scheduled to run August 1-December 31 as stated in the Alaska Hunting Regulations.

While no changes are contemplated at this time. the department wants to also inform hunters that heavy snowfall in October and/or November could prompt consideration of an early closure to prevent over-harvests of deer in at least some parts of the region. If this should occur, any changes to the deer season will be preceded bya media campaign to assure hunters are well informes about the nature of and rationale for the specific changes.