Alaska Black Bear Hunters Must Provide GPS Coordinates for Sites

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During the November 2010 Alaska Board of Game meeting in Ketchikan, a regulation was adopted that requires that all black bear baiting permit holders provide GPS coordinates to the department for each bait site before a permit will be issued.

In Units 1 – 5, a person may not establish a black bear baiting station or place bait at a baiting station without first providing the location, in a global positioning system (GPS format of latitude and longitude, of the baiting station on a form provided by the Department of Fish and Game. The GPS location of the baiting station will be provided to the department at the time of site registration and must be provided to the department before bait is placed at the site.

Black bear bait site GPS coordinates (latitude & longitude) are required before a permit will be issued.

Please contact the Douglas wildlife office for additional assistance and information at (907) 465-4265.


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  Most of the state has had


Most of the state has had to give coordinates since the day one. If the trash thing is the real reason, which I doubt, then why not GPS coordinates to all hunting and fishing camps? I don't like it because it limits you to a single spot if you want to move you will have to get another permit. I live in 16B where I'm allowed run four station. However hunters in more populated areas where they are only allowed one station they are screwed if they get out there on opening day and find several other hunters in the vicinity. Fish & Game won't tell you if there others when you register. Those SE Units in the article used to have to give unit, sub-unit, drainage and specific direction to their station. With GPS coordinates they no longer have to walk they can fly a hundred $ a minute helicopter to check on you.

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I agree that keeping your

I agree that keeping your trash under control is mandatory and Alaska is trying there best to control it. But I would bet that the slobs that throw it around in the first place will just dump it somewhere else. An idiot will still be an idiot no matter how much you regulate him. I hope it works but it is also possible this will give better data on how many baits are used to harvest a bear and distribution of where the hunters are actually hunting. There could be several positive returns I would think.

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good idea

I think this is a great idea.  Way too often people go in and mess up an area with a lot of trash.  They unwrap pastries and throw the wrappings around.  Before long, you have a dump site instead of a bear bait.  And when the season is over or they get their bear, they just walk away from it and leave the mess.  This is legislation that I would like to see in every state. 

Unfortunately, we don't have bear baiting here in Washington, but if we did, I would support this new policy.  I have found old bait sites that were a disgrace to the woods.  Only a slob would leave the woods in that condition. 

With this new legislation, the game department can go in and keep tabs on what people are doing, as well as monitor "what" people are using.  I don't think anyone should be upset with this new ruling as we all benefit from a cleaner environment.

Way to go Alaska!

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I agree. This is a great idea

I agree. This is a great idea that takes advantage of a piece of modern technology to improve the hunting for everyone. It will not only enable law enforcement officers to be able to know who is responsible for leaving a mess, but other hunters who happen across such a situation will be able to report it and expect that the slobs will be caught.

Good for Alaska on getting this started; I hope many more states follow suit.