Africa Hunting News

Bongo Antelope to be Released in Mount Kenya Forest
Four years after their repatriation from the US, a herd of bongo antelopes will be released into the wild in Mount Kenya forest.
Oribi Numbers in South Africa Still in Decline
Initial findings indicate that oribi numbers in South Africa are still decreasing from previous years.
Kenya Wildlife Service Sets Up Lion Task Force
The Kenya Wildlife Service is to set up a task force to study how to protect, conserve and promote the over 2,000 lions in the country.
African Genetics Research Project Begins
HISTORIC RESEARCH PROJECT: A pilot study will use the North American Wildlife Conservation Model on the African continent, including the collection of DNA and tissue samples from African game, such as Cape buffalo.
Elephant Population on Rise in Kenya
Elephant population in the expansive Tsavo/Mkomazi conservatory has increased to 11,696 from 10,397 in the last three years.
South African Crocodile Found not Guilty
A crocodile trapped in the reeds of the Sibhicayi River is not the four-metre long monster believed to have eaten two northern KwaZulu-Natal residents in recent weeks, wildlife officials said.
Uganda Wildlife Preserve to Host Rare Game
After 45 years since their disappearance, Hartebeests and Waterbucks will once again roam the savannah plains of Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve in Albertine Rift Valley escarpment in Western Uganda.
Tanzania Government Increases Hunting Fees
The government has flatly rejected pressure from the country's powerful hunting lobby for a reversal of its recent decision to significantly hike various hunting block and trophy fees.
Uganda Lions Face Extinction
Uganda lions face extinction unless urgent measures are taken, the Wildlife Disease Association (WDA) Africa and the Middle East section have warned.
Trophy Hunting in Namibia Good for Country
The enormous horns of the sable antelope suddenly appear out of the thick Namibian bush and the man with the rifle pulls the trigger. The animal goes down - a clean shot.