A.E.D.C. WMA Turkey Hunting Results

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16 turkey (10 adult toms and 6 juvenile toms ("jakes") were harvested during the 3rd turkey hunt of 2005 on AEDC WMA, which was held April 22-24, 2005. The total 2005 turkey harvest for AEDC WMA so far this season is 70 (42 toms, 27 jakes, and 1 bearded hen.

The best tom taken this hunt was a 23.0 lb. bird with a 13.4 inch beard and a 1.1 inch spur, taken by Kevin Hill of Belvidere, TN.

The last turkey hunt for 2005 on AEDC WMA is scheduled for April 29-May 1. The Tennessee National Guard Training Area, including the wheelchair bound hunt zone, will be closed to hunting during this hunt.

All hunters hunting on AEDC WMA turkey hunts must have the appropriate licenses and WMA permit. Hunters must also sign in before hunting and sign out after the hunt at the hunters checking station.

The gates at Dixie Road and Hunt Creek Road (off the Wattendorf Highway) will be opened at 5:00 AM and closed at 8:00 PM the day before and during each scheduled hunt.