AEDC Turkey Hunt Results

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A total of 15 turkeys were taken, 11 adult toms and 4 juvenile toms "jakes", were harvested during the fourth and last turkey hunt of the 2004 season on AEDC WMA held April 30 - May 2, 2004.

The best toms taken on this hunt were a 21 lb. bird with a 10.7 inch beard and a 1.2 inch spur taken by Lonzo Kirkland of Cleveland, and a 20.5 lb. bird with an 11.2 inch beard and a 1.1 inch spur taken by Alicia Shrum of Whitwell.

The total 2004 turkey harvest for AEDC WMA this season is 83: 61 toms, 21 jakes, and 1 bearded hen. This is a record harvest for the area. The previous record of 80 turkey was set in 2003. The average annual AEDC WMA turkey harvest in recent years is 60 birds.