Advantage Hunting Blind Provides Fresh Air Vents

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Most blind manufacturers concentrate on the obvious...concealment. Advantage Hunting believes that a blind was meant to afford the hunter much more than a hiding place.

A blind should manage a hunter's presence, sound and scent without obscuring vision or limiting movement. Whether you are hunting on the ground or elevated, your primary goal is going undetected, but you want to make sure you have plenty of options. Set up is key when it comes to you not being seen, smelled or heard when that perfect shot opportunity presents itself. Fortunately, the folks at Advantage Hunting have created the end-all, be-all for hunting blinds.

The Deluxe Blind uses a revolutionary "patented" SCENTite technology, which pulls in fresh air through intake ports located near the base of the blind and drafts air up and out of an exhaust pipe located over 30 feet above the ground---working much like the chimney in your home.

If you're looking for options, the Deluxe Blind has them with its two- or four-person design. Weighing 185 pounds, this lightweight blind is virtually maintenance-free. It comes available with a locking full-size walk-in door should you choose to hunt on the ground or you can enter through a trap door on the floor when hunting in the blind elevated. Just as a deer has superb vision, Advantage knows how important your visual is as well. The tented polycarbonate windows installed in the Deluxe Blind allows for a 360-degree view all the while providing concealment for the hunter. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the windows seal against a gasket keeping the blind scent-tight and weatherproof. The eye level vision windows flip up and out of the way when open. The blinds external olive drab color and black interior color provides you with the ultimate concealment when gun or bow hunting.

There's nothing like a room with a view combined with comfort and scent control. In preparation for next fall, do it right. Install a Deluxe Blind from Advantage Outdoors at your favorite hunting spot.

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I agree completely with Groovy Mike.  The chances of me every buying one of these is pretty remote.  And I agree with Mike that they should have included some pictures.  I would love to see this chimney.  Holy Cow!  A chimney thirty foot high chimney.

"Weighing 185 pounds, this lightweight blind...."  What caught my attention most was the statement that this is a lightweight blind.  Who wrote this article?  Must be a whole lot bigger and stronger man than I am.  How far could you carry a one hundred and eighty-five pound blind into your hunting area?  If it weighs so much, why would you advertise it as "lightweight"?  Instead, maybe push it as a blind that you set up off a truck and sit comfortably in for a few days.  The advantage of a blind like this has got to be comfort and concealment.

How in the world would you hold a thirty foot chimney up in the air???

Sorry, but this article does not make me want to run out and buy one.


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Well, a chimney that tall

Well, a chimney that tall might sound a little odd to some, but try bow hunting early September when it's 100 degrees out here in southern California.  You can get pretty smelly in a hurry

But, all that aside, I don't think I'd pay the $$$$ for a blind like this with fresh air vents.  I'd probably save a bunch of money and go with a simple stand, and just get above the critters, assiming you are hunting in an area with trees.  That would get you well up there, hopefully carrying your scent above and beyond the deer.

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I don’t think that they will be selling it to me.

This article needs some photographs! A thirty foot chimney on a hunting blind?  Really?  Are they serious?

Advantage Hunting has lost touch with reality with this product.  They are not exactly providing the claimed  end-all, be-all for hunting blinds.  Besides the ridiculously conspicuous and NOT easily portable THIRTY FOOT exhaust pipe, this product weighs in at 185 pounds.  How can they even attempt to market this as “lightweight” ?  Can they really expect anyone to carry this into your hunting area?  A locking full-size walk-in door is optional.  The bottom line is that this is not a hunting blind.  It should be marketed as a tent or semi-permanent hunting cabin, but definitely not as a hunting blind.  The “room with a view” is what they are really selling.   But I don’t think that they will be selling it to me.  Good luck Advantage Outdoors.  I would be surprised if we don’t see the remainder of this inventory wasn’t on the discontinued / clearance rack next season.