Advanced Deer Diary

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Advanced Deer Diary is the original detailed whitetail deer record keeping system introduced to whitetail enthusiasts. The diary format provides the appropriate recording tools needed for patterning trophy whitetail bucks. Hunters will take the tool on hunts and record the necessary information needed to enhance one's hunting skills. The diary format has been under construction for over 9 years by Professional Whitetail Hunters, bearing a Mossy Oak Breakup Cover. The hunter will log hunts with "fill in the blank" worksheets to record 20 key environmental conditions surrounding each hunt, with a brief narrative of each outing, deer sightings, and much more. During or at the end of the season, hunters can perform studies on whitetail behavior, on easy study worksheets to pattern trophy bucks.

The format is sophisticated yet simple. It provides tools to measure one's hunting skills as they improve. Advanced Deer Diary will improve whitetail hunting skills by providing a thorough formula to pattern whitetail deer with a focus on trophy bucks.

Advanced Deer Diary is complete with detailed instructions on how to use the diary, lunar calendars, a "how to field judge" whitetail deer scoring section, topographical advantage descriptions with photographs, a preseason scouting section, "fill in the blank" whitetail study worksheets to assist you in performing whitetail studies like a wildlife biologist, strategies, and much more. A true way of pattern trophy bucks, improving skills, and recording your hunt career for keepsake purposes. As seen in North American Whitetail, Deer and Deer Hunting, Bowhunter, and The Outdoor Channel.

Suggested retail price is $19.95.

For more information, log onto the Advanced Deer Diary web site at, write to 30275 Liberty Park Place, Macon, MO 63552, or call Consumer Service Specialist at 660-385-1800.