Additional Deer Archery Hunting Licenses

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West Virginia resident and nonresident archery deer hunters have until October 15 to purchase their additional deer bow hunting license(s), according to Curtis Taylor, Chief of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Section. The deer archery season opens on October 16, and the additional bow hunting licenses (Class RB and RRB licenses) must be purchased prior to this opening date.

Hunters may purchase two RB licenses (resident additional deer bow hunting) or two RRB licenses (nonresident additional deer bow hunting) for use during the upcoming archery season. “Dedicated archery hunters can pursue up to three deer in West Virginia during the 11-week bow season which opens on October 16 and closes on December 31,” said Taylor .

Hunters are reminded of the following archery hunting regulations relating to the Class RB and RRB licenses:

* Resident hunters may purchase only two Class RB licenses and nonresident hunters may purchase only two Class RRB licenses each calendar year.

* The Class RB or Class RRB archery licenses must be purchased before October 16, 2004 , prior to the opening of archery season.