85% of Ohio's Deer Hunters Choose the Phone or Internet for Checking Game

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Deer must be checked in by 11:30 p.m. the day of harvest

More than 24,000 white-tailed deer have been checked through Ohio’s new automated game check system, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Division of Wildlife.

Hunters must still report their deer harvest, but they are no longer required to take their deer to a check station for physical inspection. Instead, hunters have three options to complete the new automated game check:

  • On the Internet at wildohio.com.
  • By telephone at 1-877-TAG-ITOH (1-877-824-4864). This option is only available to those who are required to have a deer permit to hunt deer.
  • At all license agents. A list of these agents can be found at wildohio.com or by calling 1-800-WILDLIFE.

All three check-in methods are being used, with 50 percent of hunters using the phone method. Hunters checking in via the Internet are second at 35 percent followed by those traveling to a license agent’s location (15 percent) to check in their game.

“The response to these new game check options has been really positive in both numbers and feedback we hear from the field,” said Dave Lane, chief of the Division of Wildlife. “Our goal is to offer hunters both traditional and convenient methods of checking deer and turkey, so they could choose the option that is best for them.”

Those hunters checking their deer on the Internet need to make sure they have access to a working printer so the game check receipt can be printed. Game check requires the hunter to print a receipt. If printing fails, the game check receipt is available at wildohio.com under the “Manage Your Customer Account” link. Hunters can use their customer identification numbers found at the top of hunting licenses and permits to access their account.

Hunters need to be aware that checking game on the Internet with a smart phone is available, but those hunters will eventually need to print out a game check receipt with a permanent tag number printed on it. The game check receipt is available at wildohio.com under the “Manage Your Customer Account” link.

Since the new automated game check system was built on a web-based platform making needed modifications to the system can be accomplished. Modifications were made prior to this fall’s hunting seasons. The Division of Wildlife will continue to monitor the game check system and make changes as needed for customer convenience.

Game-check transactions are available online and by telephone seven days a week and during holidays. License agents’ locations are available for turkey check-in during normal business hours. Please call the license agent for specific hours of operation. All deer must be checked in by 11:30 p.m. the day of harvest.

The ODNR ensures a balance between wise use and protection of our natural resources for the benefit of all. Visit the ODNR Web site at www.ohiodnr.com.


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  Kudos go to Ohio for


Kudos go to Ohio for finally getting up the technology and setting up the system for checking in your deer via the phone or internet.  Great job!  I totally agree with you here numbnutz as all states need to get to the 21st century on dealing with hunting aspects.

The 15% of hunters still going to the check stations are most likely private landowners.  Private landowners are not required to purchase the $24 Deer permit (allows any antlered or antlerless deer statewide) or the $15 Antlerless Deer permit - good obviously for only antlerless classified deer statewide.  Since landowners have no tag that is given a specific tag number, they have to physically still go to a check in station where a tag ID number is provided for their game check transaction.

Great Job ODNR as it is about time!


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It's very nice to see states

It's very nice to see states making it into the 21st century. I like how they made it more convient for hunter to check in their game. Oregon has been doing it for years now and the response from us hunters have been positive. With compliance numbers going from 17% to upwards of 90% since the ne system was pu in place the biologist are getting the info needed. For me the easitest way fas been the internet, but some people dont' have or don't know how to use the internet so i like that they offer more traditional methods like the phone in system. Good job Ohio for making things easier for the hunters.