The $2,600 Deer Hunting License

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deer tag An old, rare Wisconsin deer hunting license sold for a record-setting $2,600 at a live, online auction held by Krueger & Krueger, LLC. Numismatologist Kurt R. Krueger said this was probably the highest price ever paid for a Wisconsin bull hunting license.

The 1930 non-resident license in the form of a 1 and 3/4-inch celluloid button belonged to collector Elmer Oehlke. Krueger said that Elmer had collected valuable items for 50 years and just ended up with the best collection. Oehlke’s collection also included a 1932 non-resident Wisconsin deer license among his fishing and trapping items.

“I’ve chased this type of thing myself pretty much close to 40 years,” Krueger said. “I’ve never owned one and this is the first time I was ever able to handle it… much less two of them.” Krueger also mentioned that there is a 1928 license out there that Oehlke did not own.

Photos courtesy of Krueger & Krueger, LLC.