2007 Oregon Big Game Auctions Gross Over $600,000

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Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife officials today announced that the state's 2007 auctions and raffles for big game hunting tags grossed $607,894, topping last year's record of $579,577.

The auction of 12 big game hunting tags grossed a record $382,700, including $120,000 for a bighorn sheep tag, the same amount the tag went for last year. ODFW also sold 70,706 raffle tickets, 5,851 more than in 2006.

The sportsman/conservation groups that sponsored the auctions at various meetings and conventions of their organizations in the past few months keep 10 percent of the auction proceeds. Those groups include the Oregon Hunters Association, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Mule Deer Foundation, Oregon Bow Hunters, Foundation for North American Wild Sheep, National Wild Turkey Federation, and Safari Club International.

Of the combined auction and raffle monies raised for ODFW, $376,571 will go to the Access and Habitat program to fund wildlife habitat and hunter access improvement projects in the state. Proceeds from the pronghorn, bighorn sheep and Rocky Mountain goat raffles and auctions fund the research and management of those species in Oregon, or $16,259 for pronghorn, $177,145 for bighorn sheep and $25,498 for Rocky Mountain goat research.

Winners of the special tags enjoy an extended season and expanded hunt area. A list of the auction proceeds and raffle winners follows.

2007 Auction Winners

Governor's Combination Statewide Deer and Elk (2 tags) - $36,000 (Mule Deer Foundation, Jan. 19)
Winner: Joseph Regan, Wilsonville

Statewide Deer - $25,000 (Safari Club International, Feb. 3)
Winner: Roger Wendell, Vancouver, Wash.

Statewide Deer - $30,000 (National Wild Turkey Federation, March 3)
Winner: Terry Hickson, Springfield

Statewide Deer - $36,000 (Oregon Bow Hunters, March 24)
Winner: James Liautaud, Champaign, Ill.

Statewide Deer - $29,000 (Oregon Hunters Association, May 19)
Winner: Kathy Kruse, Fort Rock

Statewide Elk - $32,500 (Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Feb. 23)
Winner: Wayne Holm, North Plains

Statewide Elk - $27,000 (Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Wallowa Chapter, March 10)
Winner: Ken Kruse, Fort Rock

Statewide Elk - $26,000 (Foundation for North American Wild Sheep, Oregon Chapter, April 21)
Winner: Donnie Allen, Klamath Falls

Statewide Elk - $17,000 (Oregon Hunters Association, Umpqua Chapter, April 28)
Winner: Dan Agnew, Vancouver, Wash.

Pronghorn - $4,200 (Josephine County OHA, March 10)
Winner: Matthew Morris, Grants Pass

Bighorn Sheep - $120,000 (Western Hunting and Conservation Expo, Jan. 19)
Winner: Daniel Smith Jr., San Jose, Calif.

2007 Raffle Winners

Statewide Combination Deer and Elk
Winner: Alfredo Julian, Vancouver, Wash.

Statewide Deer
Winner: Marvin Farley, Ontario

Southeast Oregon Deer
Winner: Gerald Warnock, Portland

Central Oregon Deer
Winner: Richard Bernards, McMinnville

Northeast Oregon Deer
Winner: Brandon Bertschy, Hillsboro

Statewide Elk
Winner: Brian Martin, McMinnville

Northeast Oregon Elk
Winner: Gary Schoenborn, Wamic

Central/Southeast Oregon Elk
Winner: Greg Killinger, Craig, Alaska

Western Oregon Elk
Winner: William Meilicke, Medford

Rocky Mountain Goat
Winner: Alfredo Julian, Vancouver, Wash.

Winner: Dale Dietzel, Salem

Bighorn Sheep
Winner: Mike Carpinito, Kent, Wash.